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Go Higher.

Aiming for even greater heights in all aspects as a company including the functionality of our textiles and our commitment to the environment.
We maintain a high perspective to improve the performance of manufacturers and end users.

About us

Delivering comfortable, human and environmentally-friendly high performance textiles to the world

KYODO INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION is a highly focused textile company that specializes in building high performance fabrics for outdoor and sportswear. From selecting fibers to delivering the finished fabric, we aim to realize a sustainable society in which people and the environment coexist in a friendly manner.


High-Performance Textile

We specialize in "high-performance textile" which performs in all types of weather with its waterproof breathable function.


OUR industrial equipment team handles a variety of products regardless of industry. Natural button raw materials, industrial springs, waste liquid treatment agents, industrial jet nozzles, valves, PTFE powder, lining, sponge rubber sheets, etc.