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Textiles that create the future

Clothes are ubiquitous and exist in our everyday lives. At the same time, its environmental consequences are serious due to the mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal of clothing. In aim to realize a sustainable society, we develop products that take the environment into consideration.

Disused PET bottles as well as plastic trash discarded at factories, waste thread and waste cloth are one of the most important resources available. Rather than producing new materials from petroleum, we reuse waste by either converting waste plastic products into flake and pellet forms, thus turning such products into new polyester materials or reusing fabric waste to create an entirely new textile. We are striving to create better products while making efforts to reduce oil consumption and waste materials.

Material 01

Recycled Nylon

Recycled nylon made from waste generated during the production of yarn and fabric.

Material 02

Recycled Polyester

Polyester fiber made from recycled PET bottles, etc.

Recycled process


Technical products must not be harmful to humans of the environment. Up to now, manufacturers have pursued technical polyurethane products, using materials that may have adverse effects to the human body. Considering this situation, we developed solvent-free waterproof/breathable films. We also discontinued the use of N-dimethylformamide (DMF) and Tolune, and switched to Solvent Free films. In addition, we made available water repellent finishing free of Fluorocarbons/perfluorocarbons which are gentle to factory workers and consumers alike. As we continue to provide materials, we never fail to give consideration to human health while pursuing the highest level of function.


Recycled Claim Standard (RCS)

The Recycled Claim Standard(RCS) verifies the percentage of recycled material and tracks it from the source to the final product. Products certified to the Recycled Claim Standard 100 (RCS 100) contain at least 95% certified recycled material.