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As a KITZ MICROFILTER CORPORATION sales agent, we handle a wide line of their products not only domestically but also overseas.


Unipore ABS Air Gun

Unipore ABS Air Gun plays an important role of cleaning tool for production sites, blowing compressed air and nitrogen air to workpieces and equipment.
making it possible to prevent foreign substances from adhering to the workpiece or the equipment being cleaned.


  • Clean air blow iron powder and chips in general environments
  • Clean air blow in semiconductor manufacturing equipment in clean room
  • Clean air blow in the drafter
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Clean air blow iron powder and chips in general environments

The tip of the air gun is equipped with a hollow fiber membrane filter. This hollow fiber membrane filter has the ability to capture particles as small as 0.01μm which makes it possible to supply extremely clean air and nitrogen gas at high flow rate.

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Compact and lightweight

Unipore ABS Air Gun is made from ABS plastic which is more expensive than metal gun products. However, it does not rust, and we have received feedback that it is compact, lightweight and easy to handle.

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Easy filter replacement

The filter at the tip is a cartridge type which is easy to replace filter. In addition, we also offer urethane coupler-type coil hoses, polypropylene screw-type coil hoses, and replacement fittings for piping as optional items.

Water Gun

Water Gun is used not only for cleaning the inside of tank in semiconductor silicon wafer and glass substrate cleaning equipment, but also for water sampling in pure water equipment. Only polypropylene and fluororubber are used in the wetted area, and there are no problems of elution or rust of metal ions. Water gun is a precision cleaning product (oil-free product) which is safe to use with pure water.


  • Gun body
  • Braided hose
  • Braided hose fitting
  • Flat nozzle
  • Full cone nozzle

Hollow fiber membrane filter

Hollow fiber membrane filter Filters are for compressed air, nitrogen, industrial water, and drinking water.
Hollow fiber membrane with a filtration accuracy of 0.003μm for gas filters and 0.1μm for liquid filters.
It is manufactured in-house in Japan
which enables relatively short lead times for small batch.


  • clean air blow for semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment
  • protection of drive parts of drive equipment such as solenoid valves
  • filtration of zero gas and blank gas in analyzers

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